The Ultimate Groom Styling Guide

September 27th, 2023

" If you’re doing tuxedos and a few of your groomsmen already own a tux, let them wear their own, even if it’s a different lapel style. Menswear is all about tailoring, so a mismatched but well-fitted suit is always going to be better than a matching, ill-fitting one. "

Gabrielle Hurwitz, Luxury Bridal Fashion Stylist

Hello, Grooms. While your partner may have spent the last decade scouring Instagram, Pinterest, Vogue, or Over The Moon for wedding looks, you might be 4 months out from your wedding weekend wondering what you're going to wear.

No problem. We've pooled advice from the brightest minds in the game to deliver you a one-stop-shop for Groom styling. We're going to keep it classic and timeless, go through some do's and dont's, touch on today's trends, and sprinkle in trend predictions if you're feeling up for a little edge.

Let's get into it.

Start here.

First things first, paint the picture for your wedding day. Stylist Samantha Levis of The Bold and Bridal begins by asking her clients for "all the details - the decor, atmosphere, cuisine, the scent, the takeaways." Then, this is quickly followed up with, "what is your partner wearing?" The idea is that both looks stand on their own but are also totally cohesive. Never 'matchy-matchy', just cohesive.

Now start pinning.

Pull any looks that you like. Search Instagram, Pinterest, Real Weddings, your favorite brands, and just start collecting anything that resonates with you. As you pull, pay attention to common threads. What kinds of collars, lapels, shoes, and tailoring are you gravitating towards?

Consider season and location.

One of the first decisions to make to ground your look is materiality. Hurwitz advises that "Suiting fabrics come in different weights and it’s important to be mindful of that when thinking about the season and setting of the event. Just like you wouldn’t wear a linen suit in the middle of winter in St. Moritz, you wouldn’t wear a heavy wool suit in the heat of Mexico. As a general rule of thumb, velvet is reserved for fall and winter and linen for spring and summer, but of course, that can vary depending on the location, too."

Let's start shopping.

Based on the context you've gathered thus far, we're here to provide your foundation, and that starts with your suit or tux. Accessories will follow. When it comes to your wedding weekend suits, here are some of our favorites sorted by fabric type.

A Timeless Tux.

"Wool and wool-blends will always be a classic," says Hurwitz. "And when it comes to lapel styles, there are only two styles that are appropriate for a tuxedo: a peak lapel or a shawl collar. Never a notch lapel — those are reserved for suits."

"Italian Cashmere, Soft Wool, and Silk are also of the moment", adds Tara Maietta, Style and Brand Consultant.

A Timeless Suit.

A Velvet Moment.

Linen and Breathable Options

Your comfort matters, and although sweating through multiple shirts may be inevitable, "look for natural fibers that breathe easily, and even consider half-lining your jacket to prevent getting too hot", adds Hurwitz.

Corduroy? You heard it here.

Playing with Color.

We saw shades of red all over NYFW this year, and wedding fashion is usually quick to follow. Maietta predicts "Wine, Burgundy, Dark Purple to Plum, Light Earth Tones" are the colors to have on our radar.

Green has been popular, especially for ancillary events, and Hurwitz predicts that "we’ll continue to see that next year."

Men In Ivory

Levis adds that she's "hoping to see more men having their own ivory look. When done correctly it's a forever classic look and so effortlessly chic."

For us, black and blue will always be timeless. And for a strong neutral that plays to today's edge, chocolate brown is also a worthy choice.

Chocolate Browns

Dressing your family or wedding party.

We're going to keep it simple for wedding party looks. For a timeless look, "match the groom’s suit color" Maietta tells us. And most importantly, "If you’re doing tuxedos and a few of your groomsmen already own a tux, let them wear their own, even if it’s a different lapel style. Menswear is all about tailoring, so a mismatched but well-fitted suit is always going to be better than a matching, ill-fitting one" Hurwitz adds.

Go-to resources for wedding parties:

  • Suitsupply

  • The Groom’s Shop by Michael Andrews Bespoke

Reputable rental companies:

  • The Black Tux

  • Generation Tux

  • Stitch & Tie

Navigating Body Types.

We'll say it again for the people in the back, when it comes to groom's fashion, tailoring is everything. No one has the same proportion. Many of our clients opt for custom suits for this reason. "Sometimes hemming a pant leg to just barely show the ankle with a slight taper makes a world of a difference and totally transports a groom's look," Levis tells us.

Shoe Staples.

Laced Tux Shoes.

A Velvet Slipper.

An Ivory and Brown pick.



Once in a while, a patterned sock is fun, but we usually opt for ribbed solids. Black socks with black suits, and for all other colored suits, we like a complementary but different shade of the same color for your socks.


Our general word of advice: please use caution when wearing sunglasses on your wedding day. And better yet, run them by at least 3 of your most fashion forward friends. Wearing sunglasses during your ceremony is a definite no, but pre-ceremony, there's a time and a place. These sunglasses are approved, but again, use caution.

Last but not least, 2024 ins and outs from our experts.

"No tie !!!! Sheer tailoring, Featherweight Fabrics. Textured fabrics (herringbone), Sustainability." -Tara Maietta

"IN: Playing with color, silhouettes, texture, and proportion. Expressing your personal style. OUT: Playing it safe. Bad tailoring. Boutonnieres (Florists might hate me for this)." - Gabrielle Hurwitz

"I can foresee the whole pack of identical clones for groomsmen fading out, just as this has happened to bridesmaids. I like the idea of groomsmen making the look their own... I think it's nice to have groomsmen wear their own preferred style of bowtie or tie (if dress code is a navy tie let's say, they can choose a material of tie on their own... Do the accessories - this is a special event! Add the studs, the cufflinks etc. Why not! (All tasteful of course, never ostentatious)." - Samantha Levis.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,