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We take great pride in aligning with companies that share our values and vision. We spend our days immersed in design, with our finger on the pulse of emerging talent and trailblazing brands.


The Lynden Lane Co. team is available for a select number of partnerships with national lifestyle brands inclusive of, but not limited to:

Blog features

Photoshoot styling

Bridal industry consulting

hospitality consulting

product roundups

gift guides

curated brand collections

Organic & paid content production

experiential marketing design

Oscar Massin & Lynden Lane Co.

We are honored to partner with Oscar Massin, luxury heritage jewelry brand rebirthed by three esteemed former executives of the world-class brands; Cartier, Harry Winston, and DeBeers, respectively.
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Lynden Lane clients will be extended exclusive access to select a few pieces to loan from the entire collection for the totality of their wedding weekend. Our community (that’s you!) will have reserved special pricing for any purchases made directly online, for any occasion, any time. Just message us.

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