our moodboards' favorite colors

Team Lynden Lane

January 16th, 2023

Whether we're designing a home or an event, our design phase is kickstarted by a color palette exploration. Color trends flow in and out pretty abruptly, and when they are out, they are really out. But, like all of your ex-relationships, they always come running back. 

That’s where we stand today with color trends. It’s all about the “retro”, or as we are referring to it, the nostalgic. Today’s color trends are marked by a dichotomy: deep saturation or the palest pastels. While we definitely have our ideas of colors that will remain, emerge, and die in 2023, here, we will take you through the colors we can’t keep off our mood boards.


Surely olive green stands the test of time. Despite the fact that it’s rooted in style history, it just looks good on you and in your home. It’s really fun to play with, and provides an amazing contrast with both warm and cool neutrals, browns, rusts, and jewel tones. From high fashion pieces to functional homewear, we invest in this enticing shade across the board. 


Sage is hands-down the hottest neutral sliding into our moodboards. An instagram sensation in its own right, the muted green hints at springtime, a warmer, brighter, and more plentiful season. From marble accents to structured clutches, adding an element of sage into your day-to-day is certain to uplift your mood, and rake in compliments. 

Chocolate brown: 

Brown is the new black. As a multigenerational team, we all agree. As minimalism is being replaced with maximalism, chocolate brown serves as an approachable hue for people who want to incorporate more color into their wardrobe or space without it being daunting. Similarly to black, chocolate brown is forgiving, but it also introduces a bold, experimental feel. 

Nostalgic Pink:

No color is as captivating as pink. From Barbie to Zendaya, all the way to the Valentino runway and back, the color is everywhere, and the shade of interest for us ATM is hot pinks lighter, calmer, softer, and sweeter sister- Nostalgic pink. Covering your floors with a warm, inviting pink rug, or switching up the walls with this sweet hue is certain to bring a sense of playful elegance and timelessness into your space. Note: we like to add some edge to anything that’s too sweet. When pink is in our mood boards, we compliment it with something unexpected.


Indigo, denim’s trademark and original dye, offers a sophisticated and organic richness to a palette. Blue is our favorite color. To us, it's neutral. It belongs everywhere and anywhere. Today, we’re playing with deep blues that have a tint of green.  It bridges the color palette between blue and black and belongs in the same family as other popular jewel tones. We pair it with neutrals, metals, and lately with equally bold greens. Shop our curated picks of Blues and Greens on The Ark

Pinot Noir:

Not going to lie, this color took us a minute to digest, but after we named it Pinot Noir, it went down a lot easier. If the shade is wrong, it’s really wrong. We’re very picky about purples, and really only gravitate towards shades with a lot of gray in them. Nothing too bright, and shockingly, nothing with too much blue in it. To us, Pinot Noir is also nostalgic. It’s dramatic in a playful way, and can be romantic. Positioned directly opposite green on the color wheel, Pinot Noir is the perfect contrast to our beloved shades of green–olive and sage– and adds an element of sophisticated, luscious glamor to any space.

Whether you're into deep saturation or the palest pastels, a few statement pieces in these color tones will freshen-up any space or wardrobe.

Happy shopping! If you have any questions about how to style these pieces, DM us. If you purchase anything, please share! We'd love to see you how you use them.

Until next time,