Documentary-Style Getting Ready Photos

Team Lynden Lane

January 19th, 2024

As "bridal parties" continue to take non-traditional forms and documentary-style wedding photography surges, we're encouraging our couples to merge these themes into their getting ready photos.

For some couples, it might mean including their whole families in their pre-wedding prep for an intergenerational approach. For others, it might mean a departure from the conventional floral robes—although floral robes can be perfectly chic, gone are the days where "bridal" fits into a rigid box. Breaking free from the constraint of "matchy-matchy" outfits and traditional posed photography is bringing out so much personal style and creating the editorial vibe that so many are looking for.

Photos by Sarah Falugo.

We're always in support of a "come as you are" photography approach, capturing the raw, authentic moments that unfold naturally. When couples come to us and say "we just want our wedding to feel different", we remind them that this is a huge part of it. A unique experience consists of all the little moments where true personality comes through.

We've compiled a few of our favorite getting ready looks below. The right fashion is really about time and place, so when thinking about your looks, consider the environment and how it'll enhance, and never distract, from where you are.

Consider this our permission to lean into loungewear that feels like you, edge it up, and have fun with it.

Until next time,

Photography: Sarah Falugo